TGH-B 450 NC Grinding Machine

TGH-B 450 NC Grinding Machine

Our high-precision surface grinder machine’s capability to operate with any
kinds of materials for longitudinal and cross directions grinding ensures maximum accuracy.

10” user-friendly touch-screen panel
Vertical and cross travel driven by AC servo motor with ball screw + MPG
Precise chips removal for cross travelling and vertical axis with NC controlling system
Hydraulic system controls for the longitudinal travelling
Ultra-precise, strong, direct-drive without backlash rigid shafts are positioned in multiple locations
V guide-rails, covered with protective casing, provides finer grinding surface finish
Hand-scraped prism box guide-rails provides the finest grinding surface finish
On-time service with spare parts and delivery
Longitudinal axis movement 900 mm
Transverse axis movement 450 mm
Vertical axis movement 550 mm
Max. Work peace weight 400 kg
Table Size 450×900 mm

Standard Equipments

Vertical and Cross Feed Driven by AC Servo Motor + MPG
10” Colour LCD Touch-screen Panel
Remote Hand-wheel
Semi Guarding for Table
Grinding Wheel Flange
Electromagnetic Table (400X800)
Wheel Balancing Stand
Balancing Arbor
Grinding Wheel (Ø350xØ127×40)
Puller for Wheel Flange
Table Type Wheel-dresser (With the diamond)
Coolant Equipment
Paper filter cooling equipment (Manual)
Work Light & Program Light
Front door safety switch
Tools & Box
Hydraulic Unit With the Oil (100 Lt)
Chuck Controller for Electromagnetic Table
Lifting Screews
Leveling Bolts & Plates
Operator’s Manual

Optional Equipments

NC controls for vertical and cross axes
Additional wheel flange
Parallel wheel dresser on wheel head (with the diamond)
Sine bar with magnetic (V-S 100M)
Auto paper strip filter with magnetic separator coolant system
Tool maker vice (VMV-40)
Demagnetizer (for work piece) (VDM-68)
Sine bar (VS-100)
Punch former with the sine plate (V-PB-BS)