TMC 850 CNC Vertical Machining Center

EMV-L1150 CNC Vertical Machining Center

Our CNC Vertical Machining Centers assure to achieve optimal performance
for all kinds of workpiece. DNR dema is offering longtime industry experiences to
meet a wide range of operational needs from high-precision milling under all
conditions for drilling, pocketing, boring, screw-cutting to tapping. Furthermore,
ergonomical Lcd screen panel with CNC controlling simplifies manual
programming and data entry for the machines.

Custom made double nut screws with high precision and no backlash
Fast and smooth automatic tool changer system
Direct drive coupling spindles with high accuracy and rigidity
High Precision, economical and linear motion
Effective and smooth motion on linear guide rails or box way rails
Excellent accuracy of positioning and high-precision for repetitiveness
Meehanite casting with annealed & stress relieved
Ensuring quiet, stable and accurate cutting
Free of charge for assembling machines and educational support domestically
On-time service with spare parts and delivery
Axix Speed – X/Y/Z 36/36/36 m/min.
Cutting Feed Rate – X/Y/Z 1~15/1~15/1~15 m/min.
X axix travel 1150 mm
Y axix travel 600 mm
Z axix travel 600 mm
Loading Capacity 1000 kg
Spindle Speed  10000 rpm
Spindle Motor  11/15 kW
Table Size 1300×600 mm

Standard Equipments

Mitsubishi M80A-8A (15” LCD multi-touch colour screen panel)
Simple programming function (Navi-Mill)
BT 40/10.000 rpm direct drive coupling spindles
BT 40 arm type 24 tool storage ATC
C3 class double nuts ball-screw
Ball type or roller linear motion guide
Fully enclosed splash guard
Screw-Steelbelt type chip conveyor with chip bucket
Centralized automatic lubricating (X/Y/Z)
Spindle cooling system
Cooland nozzle around spindle
Oil Skimmer
Rigid tapping
Washing the chips system inside cabin
Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
Transformer 380/200 v 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
LED work light / Program light
Air gun / Coolant gun
Coolant equipment
Remote Handwheel
4th Axis pre-wire (inner cable)
Automatic power-off system
Foundation bolt kit & Plates
Tool box & Tools

Optional Equipments

FANUC 0i MF(15” LCD colour screen panel)
BT 40/12.000 rpm direct type spindle with spindle oil cooler
Coolant through-spindle center (30 bar)
Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
4th axis with CNC rotary table
Tool length measurements (Renishaw)
Workpiece measurement (Infrared Ray & Radio systems)